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The AECT Design and Development Competition

The Design and Development Division of AECT is pleased to announce the 2017 AECT Design and Development Competition for promising instructional design research by graduate students working with mentors in the Design and Development Division. AECT is specifically interested in promoting collaboration and mentoring within the professional community.

The goals for this award are to:

  • improve the professional practice of design and development in adult learning and performance-improvement settings;
  • promote collaboration among students, faculty, and practitioners;
  • mentor promising students by leaders outside their home institutions; and,
  • recognize innovative design-and-development approaches to adult learning and performance-improvement problems.

2017 Competition

Now in its 14th year, the AECT Design and Development Competition is designed for graduate student teams of two to take a realistic problem that Instructional Designers might face in business and industry and design a solution to the problem.  Judges evaluate these solutions in terms of theoretical excellence, creativity and feasibility.  The competition takes place in three phases or rounds.  

Round 1 - Teams submit an approximately two page solution to the problem.  Judges select six teams to advance to round 2.

               Round 1 Submissions are Now Being Accepted.


Round 2 - Teams submit a more formal and polished paper presenting their solution to the problem.  Judges select three teams to advance to round 3.

Round 3 - (Finals)  Teams present their solutions face-to-face to a judging panel.


Specific details about the three phases are found in the "General" link at the top and bottom of this page.  Other details about the competition can be found in the additional links provided.  The are additional details about the competition in the links immediately below.  Please refer to these for more information.

CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about the competition

CLICK HERE for Competition Planning Committee Contact Information

          2017 Problem Statement

********************  Attention   Attention   Attention   ********************

The 2017 Problem Statement was written in the latter part of 2016.  Since then, we have expanded the due date to May 5th.  One reason for this is that AECT occurs later in the year than last year.  May 5th is on all the updated information on the website and was the date given in the webinar.  If you want to turn in the first round submission earlier than May 5th, that is your perogative but no extra credit will be given nor points deducted because of it.

********************  Attention   Attention   Attention   ********************


2017 AECT D&D Competition Informational Webinar

Watch this webinar the learn the fundamentals about this competition. You are also welcome to download the PDF file used during this webinar.  The transcript of the audio component of the webinar is provided as well. 



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