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These awards are sponsored by the Teacher Education Division (TED) of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). TED is responsible for judging nominees and selecting award recipients. If you are a TED member who would like to manage the nominations-evaluation for a specific award or if you have any questions about the awards, please contact the Past President of TED.

TED welcomes nominations and self-nominations. All submissions are due by August 1st. Specifics on each award can be found below.

1. TED Award for Service to the Division or AECT

To recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions of service to the Division or to AECT on behalf of the Division.

2. Scholarly Advancement of the Field of Educational Technology

To recognize individuals who have made lifetime, scholarly contributions to the field of educational technology.

3. TED Best Proposal Award

To recognize the best proposal submitted to AECT's Teacher Education Division. The TED awards committee reviews the top five-rated proposals. One proposal will be selected and awarded as the best proposal; the other four proposals will receive an email notification that they were nominated. 


4. Featured Research Proposal 

For Jacksonville 2014, each division is responsible for putting one proposal forward to the Research and Theory Division for consideration as a featured research paper. At this time, the awards committee anticipates that the Best Proposal will also serve as the Featured Research proposal – however, the TED awards committee reserves the right to make a different selection in the case that another proposal best meets the criteria for Featured Research. Featured Research proposals are described as follows:

A featured research paper must report on a completed research study that has not been published in a journal nor previously presented at a conference. The paper should describe an empirical study that used primarily quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. In all cases, a study must involve the collection of data. Literature reviews, papers describing theories unaccompanied by supporting data, and other non-data-based papers will not be considered for this type of session. A study must have been conducted and the data analyzed at the time a proposal is submitted. Authors of an accepted featured research paper must submit a full paper (not a slide presentation or outline) to their session chair at least 30 days prior to the start of the conference.

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