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Survey of Instructional Design Models

Fifth Edtion

By: Robert Maribe Branch and Tonya A. Dousay

Since Survey  of  Instructional  Development  Models was  initially published in 1981, successive editions have provided practitioners and  students  of  instructional  design  with  up-to-date  information every few years. This fifth edition, with the title slightly altered to Survey  of  Instructional  Design  Models, attests  to  the  high  quality  and enduring utility of this volume.

The principles on which many of the models described in this  new  edition  build  tend  to  change  little  over  time, whether since  the  first  edition  in  1981  or  since  the  more  recent  fourth edition,  which  was  published  in  2002.  However,  technological advances  have  occurred—and  continue  to  occur—rapidly,  and  the  effects  on  teaching  and  learning  of  such  advances  can  be dramatic.  Consider  just  a  few  of  the  technological  advances  that have occurred between publication of the fourth edition in 2002  and this new, 2015 fifth edition.




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