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Committees: Nominating Committee

About the Nominating Committee

(From the AECT Bylaws)
The Committee shall meet during the annual convention to discuss criteria and potential candidates. A public call for nominations shall be through print and/or electronic means as determined by the Board of Directors and Association leaders shall be solicitied for nomiantions. Nominations shall be closed no later than September 1 of the following year, to allow sufficient time for potential candidates to submit documentation for review and ranking by the Committee. By December 15, the Committee shall prepare an official ballot listing two nominees for President-Elect, two nominees for Secretary/Treasurer (every third year) witth the provision for write-in candidates. Not later than April 1 following, the Executive Director shall present the official ballot with biographical sketches to each member in good standing through print and/or electronic means. The Committee shall determine the eligibility of nominees and ascertain that all the nominees are willing to stand for office. Eligibility shall consist of membership in the Association. Individuals selected to be on the ballot in the general association election President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer may not simultaneously be candidates for election to the Board from Council(s) or a Division. 45 days after the presentation of the final ballot, the Committee shall close the election. the Executive Director shall be responsible for counting the votes. Tie votes shall be resolved by a vote of the Board of Directors. The election results shall be reported by the Executive Director to the general membership no later than June 1.


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