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2014 Member Drive Kicks Off!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013   (0 Comments)
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The 2014 AECT
member drive and you.

A special announcement from Stephen Harmon, AECT President

The greatest resource of our organization is

the combined expertise and professional wisdom of our members. This member drive is about using the power of our present members to connect to our future members. This is a member drive designed to take advantage of what you know and share it with others. 1 YOU + 2 NEW is a simple concept. Sponsor two new members: a graduate student, a beginning educator, or a colleague. While we are not offering incentives to you in this campaign, the real motivation is turning someone new onto the same benefits and professional collegiality you have with AECT.

With AECT, connections are made that foster networking, expose you to the latest technology, and allow you to tap into learning opportunities.

These are the very things that emerging professionals are looking for. Helping them find these things is where you come in.

This participatory campaign enables current members to become stewards in creating a stronger future for AECT.

This is one of the most important initiatives for AECT in years. Help us build AECT’s sphere of influence, impact, and visibility, throughout our international community.

Start Your Personal Campaign Today!


Think Target Marketing

Build your campaign for success by selecting 8 to 10 candidates, for instance, a young graduate student, beginning educator, or colleague, to join AECT.

Send your email marked "Urgent”

Remember that you control the "transference of trust.” Your referral is the most influential factor in recruiting new members.

Why are you a member of AECT?

People will want to know why you are a member. Make it personal. You are not selling something, you are passing along valuable information.

Let them know it’s a good time to join

At AECT there has never been a better time to join because it is a member drive: more benefits, more incentive, more value.MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE LINK TO LEARN MORE -

Pick up the phone...

After a few days, make it personal with a professional follow up phone call. "Hey Friend, I just want to make sure you received the member information about AECT. Do you have any questions?”

Take 10 minutes and help build AECT’s sphere of influence, impact,and visibility.

AECT • 320 W. 8th St. Ste 101 • Bloomington, IN • 47404-3745
Toll Free: 877-677-AECT • Phone: 812-335-7675 • Email: