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Sunday, October 4, 2015  
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AECT-Springer Online Major Reference Work

A new online Major Reference Work (MRW) co-sponsored by AECT and Springer entitled Learning, Design, and Technology: An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice and Policy has been launched covering topics concerning research and practice related to the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning environments, instructional systems, and performance technologies. This is an ongoing effort with an evolving collection of contributions that have been peer reviewed.  Because the MRW is online, contributions longer than a typical journal article are encouraged (e.g., 7,000 to 17,000 words), and contributions can include interactive elements and subject to modification by authors as new findings become available.

The AECT contact person is Phillip Harris, Executive Director, Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), 320 West 8th Street, Suite 101, Bloomington, IN 47404-3745 ( J. Michael Spector ( is the oversight editor, along with co-editors Barbara B. Lockee ( and Marcus D. Childress ( Sixteen section editors are responsible for managing the ongoing development of contributions in the initial areas (i.e.,identifying and recruiting authors and reviewers and recommending publication of submissions). Each section is expected to be comparable in length and substance to a high quality edited volume. The goal is to have more than 320 entries by the of 2016 that examine and explicate seminal facets of learning theory, research, design and development, practice and policy in a manner somewhat similar to the AECT/Springer Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology. Major differences from the Handbook include a desire to have more in-depth studies and reports that can include interactive multimedia. This MRW will feature focused studies and reports with rich descriptions and illustrations of one or more cases and studies, as well as meta-analyses and conceptual frameworks and analytic treatment of persistent issues. Expanded works previously published that incorporate additional findings, works that synthesize findings across several studies, and in-depth reports of evaluations and policy analyses are especially sought. All contributions will be peer-reviewed and receive much wider dissemination than is possible in a typical journal publication. The work is indexed and searchable on Thomas Reuters Web of Science and Google Scholar.

The following sections and section leaders are soliciting and accepting proposals for contributions and should be contacted for additional details:


1.       Learning Theory and the Learning Sciences- Jan Elen (

2.       Research and Practice Interactions – Jennifer Banas and Drew Polly (

3.       Education Policies and Their Impact – Robert Doyle (

4.       Technology for Learning, Instruction, and Performance – Dirk Ifenthaler (

5.       Designing Learning, Instruction, and Performance – Trey Martindale (

6.       Innovative Design and Development Approaches – Lin Lin (

7.       Transformative Learning – Konrad Morgan (

8.       Change Agency and Diffusion of Technologies – Eugene Kowch (

9.       Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation – Maggie Wang (

10.    Case Studies in Learning Design and Instructional Technology – Simon Hooper (

11.    Professional Preparation – Janette Hill and Sara McNeil (

12.    Technologies Influencing Educational Futures – Youqun Ren (

13.    Adaptive Technologies and Augmented Realities – Nian Shing Chen (

14.    E-Learning in Formal and Informal Settings – Insook Lee (

15.    Smart Learning Environments – Kinshuk (

16.    Cultural & Regional Perspectives – Patricia Young (

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